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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  July 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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home and school. police are looking into whether or not to use his students us to order materials. police also found a better mouse inside his home. authorities were able to clear explosives inside his home including homemade grenades. but right now investigators believe he was a loner all the evidence that we have, every single indicator shows us the he was not particularly aided by anyone he also attempted to join a gun club in colorado and was denied membership.
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the owner of the range called his home and he thought these voice messaging system was weird. i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memories. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful there're brother was, or their it system or or mother was jon read the names of each
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of the victims. the pastor who witnessed the massacre such as " we can't lay fear or anger to control of as " i was asking the person who was on top of the one i was trying to help of the could move, but big cuts and big couldn't and i was just big-name the person to please try, please because we have to get a panoply of killing kept struggling until police a arrived spurted set leave veronica, the 6 year-old girl, did not survive. president obama's in the bay
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area today. your read in san francisco last night. today he will attend several evens been the big areas including one at the fox theater. fog there is located near many cannabis businesses. and earlier into the day, and he will be you meeting with local tech leaders in the east bay. if you would like to work in the uptown district, there will be no parking. parking will be prohibited on several streets in the area. you could expect many troubltrac
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interruptions in that area and that the president will be in. romney had to fund raisers in san francisco. the other in woodside. he was greeted with protesters and supporters alike romney says he is interested in providing tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and we think that is wrong i hope that he is going to make is so good about the future romney will travel to poland where he would meet with leaders and hope to build up his international credibility of the remorse of 100 degrees on saturday. we your family going to start to cool things down.
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temperatures are still on the mild side. it is 64 degrees still and concord. mid '50s if you're in san francisco right now. we're giving a strong sea breeze that is bringing us a gradual cooling. anywhere between five degrees cooler than we saw yesterday. coming up we will get a check on your seven day forecast. now let's get a check with their traffic i just checked with chp and we are accident free for the most part. salt 101 is an easy ride toward the golden gate bridge. what conditions a long 880, no
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roadwork to reports here. we will check with a mass transit in just a few minutes 60 people are without a home today in san jose. the fire was reported at the del coronado apartments parade the fire was contained other about 10:00 last night. n.c.a.a. is expected to debt level finds in excess of $30 million, that will likely inflowimpose other consequencese
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football program this is trying attention some paternal product f we ask how do you think penn state should be penalized? sure answers on our facebook and twitter page and we will discuss a more into bart newscast police clashed with protesters standing in southern california. what,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and a greek crowd confronted anaheim police after police shot an unarmed man. the police chief says he does not know what led to the shooting. and the deadliest day in the rock, so far 90 people have been killed in a series of bombings. the worst bombing was in north of baghdad where 41 people were killed in a suicide bombing. and salt texas, the ford f to 50 had people in the current when
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they struck a tree. two are among the dead. several of the surviving victims and have critical injuries. andrew peterson is charged with killing his third wife. he is also a suspect in his fourth wife's disappearance. she has not been found. the jury paul has been waiting three years for the trial to begin. opening statements have been set for sometime next week. family members reported kathryn jackson missing on saturday print her son germain said last night that his mother was following doctors' orders to rest up trade she is the legal guardian of
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michael jackson's children. and no other team has done in nine years, the major milestone for the oakland athletics who had quite a we,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. check this out, we have a cordial shot were it is 55 degrees in san francisco. it is mostly clear across the bay area where it is in the mid '50s. coming up, we will get a check with your forecast
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no problems reported on the bay area bridges, will have your report in just a few minutes a visit from federal transportation officials is expected to be very lucrative for the burial. funds are expected to improve public transit services throughout the region. a decision could come today on whether a new loss vegas style casino could open in san jose. the owner has been waiting since march for the permit. it is expected to bring in and over $50 million a year for services group. bring some terrorist to
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ground the mamatrix honors are frustrad with asian markets also took a big stumble today. fears of europeans debt crisis and facebook will make its first report since going public.
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economist with the agree just 1%. the dow was up 41 points or the week. the nasdaq fell nearly 40 points. and there is a ground beef that may contain salmonella. it was produced in pennsylvania, but users should check for sale by date. the official poverty rate was 15.1%. but experts predict the poverty rate should increase to 16% in 2011.
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how about the batman movie? how did it do? they decided to go ahead with the movie, but warner brothers did not release its weakened dark box office reports. so they did go ahead and show it, but they did not release the numbers in the box office which reportedly came out to lower-than-expected. assistant prof. rudolf and
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the school chairmen were accused on experimenting on time brain cancer patients without permission. a california man is appealing the cap on the burning man festival. scientists and cal tech have teamed up with harvard university to create a bioengineered jellyfish. it was the developed by using
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the heart cells of rats. it is expected to be a development in heart research. officers moved into tranquilize the bare their. some shoppers say they got a close encounter with the young animal , but slightly panicked, we were walking kal chalet there was a group of us. and as soon as we were getting ready to exit the place there was a bear. we just ran out. the cut was safely sedated and removed. officers are still unclear how
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the beer gut and to the shopping center. the picket over to elizabeth to fund of the weather is it was 100 degrees on saturday and evermore. it should fill a little bit cooler starting to there. we are going to start to see a gradual cooling trend. right now we're seeing the upper 50s and low '60's in our area. if you lingering clouds are around the bay as well. this afternoon we will see more sunshine. it is going to be warm to hot. is going to be in the low 90s in our hottest spots parade we're watching a couple low pressure systems that may bring some
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rain to route the value. checking your pinpoint forecasts, you will notice a lot of eighties in these help a prayed low eighties in milpitas. walnut creek is coming in at the low nineties for the house today. '60s and '70s for around the coast and they. about 72 degrees if your in oakland better on this afternoon. once again, and it looks like slightly hotter to dig and then on tuesday and wednesday you could see these temperatures dip to about the mid '80s bite the weekend. not doing too bad on the roadways this morning. overall it's very quiet as you
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work your way toward the bay. checking your community of the east shore freeway, no delays or westbound as you work your way 80 westbound. travel times are looking pretty good. on the lower deck, it may extend until 2:00 mr. afternoon. no delays for the maze. are the looks good through fremont as well. 880, to 37, looks pretty good. the right lane is blocked in milpitas right now
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they completed a four game sweeper of the new york yankees. and the a's are going to do it again can you believe these guys? cocoa crest some gold in a run per they sweep them out of town, for streak. oakland is the first team in nine years to sweep the yankees in a four game series. the giants lose 4-3. pitcher barry 0 struck out seven
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innings. ernie sank four birdies. he goes to the clubhouse into wade's for items culprit he bogeys tender words finishes in third place. the statue of an icon dismantled. md next camera to fall on penn state comes later this morning. after visiting colorado, president obama is now in the bay area for several fund- raising events. we will break down his aggressive schedule.
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let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment and we will continue to think about them each and every day president obama's words of comfort after the shooting in colorado. we will have a live report from a show coming up how much campaign cash she hopes to raise this time around. we are going to see a gradual cooling trend. a look at your forecast coming out live looks and details on your commute coming out we begin with the suspect in
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the call rodham massacre and his first court appearance in just a couple of hours in colorado. the question remains what you open fire in a colma run a movie theater. police say homes is not cooperating. he has said very little including asking for a new lawyer. he was attending the university of colorado as a narrow science graduate student. the university is looking into whether he used his students status to order the materials for fires attack. in homes as


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